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The week has started on an exciting note for those on the job hunt! More companies of various sizes and sectors are opening their selection processes for new collaborators, both to complement their teams and refresh their professional rosters. The hiring possibilities are diverse. In this regard, despite the challenging context we’ve been facing so far, the year 2023 seems to have brought slightly more positive vibes to the job market. So, if you’re also part of the large number of Brazilians looking for an opportunity, you can start preparing your resume and check out the job positions we’ll be presenting here today.


The beginning of this week heralds great news for job seekers. Opportunities brimming with promise are steadily emerging in multiple regions across the nation, offering a hospitable environment for candidates with diverse backgrounds. Companies from various industries are actively in pursuit of new talent to fortify their teams.

About The Fresh Market

After their return from a European trip, Ray Berry and his wife Beverly were deeply inspired to introduce the allure and essence of an open, European-style food market to the United States. Their vision was to provide a more intimate and tailored shopping experience, distinct from the prevailing warehouse-style supermarkets of their time.


Ray Berry, who had been overseeing 3,600 7-Eleven stores at The Southland Co., took a bold step by investing their life savings into realizing this dream. Their aspiration was to establish a warm and welcoming shopping environment characterized by the freshest produce, in-store butcher-trimmed meats, fresh-cut flowers, and the finest global foods and ingredients.

While in search of the perfect location to turn their dream into reality, the Berrys fell in love with the charming community of Greensboro, North Carolina. On March 5, 1982, the inaugural The Fresh Market store opened its doors on Lawndale Drive in Greensboro, a location that still stands proudly today. Every aspect of this cozy, specialty grocery store was meticulously designed to elevate the food shopping experience.

The initial 14,000-square-foot store set itself apart from traditional supermarkets by embracing a farmer’s market atmosphere. It featured locally-sourced produce, bins of freshly roasted coffee, an old-world butcher shop and fish market, an in-store bakery, a selection of fresh cheeses and cured meats, and vibrant floral displays.


This original store served as the blueprint for future locations. Presently, with 159 stores across 22 states, The Fresh Market remains steadfast in upholding its initial values of providing guests with inspiring, fresh cuisine that transforms everyday meals into extraordinary dining experiences.

The Fresh Market Today

The Fresh Market has evolved into a destination for those seeking the finest offerings, including convenient, restaurant-quality meals, hand-picked produce, premium baked goods, freshly cut flowers, custom-cut meats, and thoughtfully curated selections for holidays and special occasions.


The intimate and personalized shopping experience, a hallmark of The Fresh Market, continues to be enhanced by dedicated team members who excel in providing exceptional hospitality. The Fresh Market’s Code of Conduct is crafted to support their endeavors in meeting guest needs and guiding their performance.

It is with great pride that The Fresh Market has been recognized by USA Today’s 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards for three consecutive years as the “Best Grocery Store in America” for 2023. Additionally, they have been voted as the #1 choice in two new categories for 2023: “Best Grocery Store Bakery” and “Best Grocery Store Deli.”

Find out about all the job openings now accessible through The Fresh Market

Cashier Team Member
What you will be doing:

  • Consistently provide excellent guest service, which includes:
  • Engaging with our guests to learn their wants and needs so that you can help them create their meal solution
  • Maintaining knowledge of products and weekly ad items throughout the store and working across departments to assist guests
  • Create a hospitable shopping experience by merchandising and stocking our products and specialty items throughout the day, while also making sure nearby guests are assisted
  • Gather shopping carts from the parking lot and assist in general housekeeping duties throughout the store
  • Present self in a professional manner, including adhering to uniform standards

Courtesy Clerk Bagger

What you will be doing:

  • A Courtesy Clerk (Bagger) will bag guests purchases promptly and efficiently. Upon request, transport these purchases to their automobile and place safely in their automobile
  • Keep parking lot clear of carts by returning them to the proper location in-store. Follow all safety policies regarding cart retrieval. Remove clutter from carts and wipe down kids-carts before putting them away
  • A Courtesy Clerk (Bagger) will fill all bag slots and supplies necessary for efficient front-end operations
  • Assist with price checks and go-backs
  • A Courtesy Clerk (Bagger) will assist with general housekeeping duties as assigned

Personal Shopper

What you will be doing:

  • Provide unparalleled guest service, constantly striving to delight and surprise our guests.
  • Fulfill guest orders with 100% accuracy and within a timely manner.
  • Assist with the collection, loading, and acceptance of payment for guest pick-up and delivery orders.
  • Consult with guests as needed to ensure complete satisfaction prior to the guest leaving the store.
  • Provide assistance with online grocery guests via phone and in-person.

Bakery Clerk

What you will be doing:

  • A Bakery Clerk is capable of pricing, dating, and wrapping or bagging of all bakery products in accordance with the department and stores policies
  • Ability to recognize the quality of and distinguish between the many different bakery products
  • Capable of filling, arranging, rotating and merchandising displays and display cases within the Bakery Department
  • Price and code date all bakery products clearly and accurately
  • Receive special orders properly and uses suggestive selling methods when possible
  • A Bakery Clerk will maintain attractive and appealing cases and displays for increased sales
  • Maintain product quality and cost control to maximize sales and profits and minimize losses
  • A Bakery Clerk possess knowledge of bakery items, descriptions and ingredients so as to better serve our guests and answer any questions that might arise

If any of these opportunities interest you, it’s time to prepare your CV and secure your place with The Fresh Market! Just head over to the company’s LinkedIn page to browse all the currently available positions in an organized and comprehensive manner. Choose your preferred role and click on the “Apply” button to start your application.

Please remember that the number of available positions may fluctuate without advance notice, depending on the speed at which new hires are made. So, remain vigilant and ensure your contact details in your profile are up to date for any potential outreach from the company. Don’t wait any longer to submit your application! Best of luck!

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