Join the Costco Family in Australia – Submit Your Resume!


Costco, a name synonymous with quality, value, and exceptional customer service, is on the lookout for vibrant individuals to become an integral part of its continued success. If you are ready to be a part of a team that prides itself on delivering the best to its community, then this is your opportunity to shine.

Your Path to a Rewarding Career

Costco Australia is actively seeking a new team member to join our thriving warehouse clubs. An exciting career opportunity awaits in our produce section, with a commitment to 40 hours per week. At Costco, we cherish individuals with a positive attitude, a dynamic spirit, and a passion for collaborative work. We value those who genuinely care about customer satisfaction and possess a deep understanding of fruit and vegetable products. Your proficiency in providing recommendations and expert guidance to customers on the array, quality, freshness, and competitive pricing within the section will be pivotal.


The Perfect Destination for Dynamic Individuals

If you see yourself as a dynamic individual, adept at setting up eye-catching displays, efficient waste management, meticulous section maintenance, and promoting the section, then you’ve arrived at the perfect destination! We value versatility and your commitment to continuous learning and advancement within our organization. When you become part of Costco, you join a reputable company with a bright and promising future. We offer a 40-hour workweek in the afternoon, complete with a temporary contract. Moreover, we provide comprehensive orientation training to ensure your seamless integration into our close-knit team.

Unmatched Career Progression and Benefits

One of the outstanding perks of working at Costco is the abundant room for career progression. The majority of supervisory positions within our warehouse clubs are typically filled through internal promotions, highlighting the remarkable growth prospects within our organization. What’s more, as a Costco employee, you’ll bask in a range of appealing social benefits. These include a 7% discount on both your personal and family purchases, as well as personal discounts for various services and an array of other enticing perks.

Your Golden Opportunity Awaits at Costco If…

  • You embody a positive attitude, dynamism, and a passion for teamwork.
  • Your heart beats for customer satisfaction.
  • You possess a wealth of knowledge about various fruit and vegetable products, enabling you to confidently recommend and advise customers on the section’s diversity, quality, freshness, and competitive pricing.
  • You identify as a dynamic and agile individual, proficient in tasks such as creating attractive displays, efficient waste management, meticulous section maintenance, and skillful promotion.
  • You harbor a desire to learn and the ambition to advance within other areas of the warehouse club. We wholeheartedly embrace versatile individuals!

Your Journey at Costco Promises…

  • Integration into a robust company with a shining future.
  • A consistent 40-hour workweek in the afternoon.
  • An exciting temporary position.
  • Immediate integration, bolstered by comprehensive orientation training.
  • Unparalleled potential for career advancement at Costco. Did you know that most supervisory positions within our warehouse clubs are typically filled through internal promotions?
  • Access to an array of social benefits, such as a 7% discount on your personal and family purchases, as well as personal discounts on various services, and so much more!

It’s Your Destiny If…

  • You possess a high school education.
  • You have a minimum of 6 months of experience in a produce section and/or within a business specializing in fruits and vegetables.
  • You command a high level of proficiency in English.
  • You reside in proximity to the warehouse club or have convenient transportation access.
  • You are available for a 40-hour workweek in the afternoon.
  • Your thirst for learning and your motivation to excel in customer-facing roles know no bounds.

How to Join the Team

If any of these opportunities has piqued your interest, it’s time to prepare your resume and secure your spot on the team. Simply access the company’s page on LinkedIn, where you can view all the available positions in an organized and comprehensive manner. Select the desired position and click the “Apply” button to start the application process. Keep in mind that new job listings are added daily on job platforms, so be sure to check back every day for updated opportunities.


By: Indeed