Spanish multinational Acciona launches jobs for administrators, mechanics, managers and more

ACCIONA is a leading company in the construction of transport infrastructures and works to connect people and guarantee the well-being of today’s society and future generations. See more about the job opportunities available below.

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Acciona, a leading infrastructure company, seeks to expand its workforce through a new call for employment. Currently, the company has over 90 job opportunities across Australia for which you can send your curriculum vitae today. Remember that the sooner you register, the better your chances of being chosen in the selection process.

For candidates who want to be part of the Acciona work team, know that it is a global company. The company has more than 40,000 employees around the world, and its expansion process is also taking place in other countries.

Acciona stands out in the field of transport infrastructure construction due to its enormous work potential, which can be seen in the renewable energy section, for example, with the wind power program.

This company is not only dedicated to the construction of infrastructures but also sustainability, in addition to highlighting the best skills of employees during the selection of personnel.

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Acciona’s job offers can be found in the advertisements that the company presents daily on its website. Among them, you will see that all job opportunities have an indefinite contract and a full trip. Here’s how to apply:

  • Once on the company’s website, select the option ‘Work with us’.
  • Enter the ‘Employment’ section and search for the desired vacancy
  • Then select the desired offer and click “Sign up for this offer”.
  • After registering your username and password, send your CV and complete the registration.

After completing the registration steps, you must return an email from the company’s HR team confirming your request. Your resume will then be directed to evaluation and you will be contacted if you pass the Acciona selection process.

In a large company like Acciona, the candidate can work in various sectors, ranging from work in infrastructure construction, planning, development, to the administrative part, in the company’s offices.

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To be part of the Acciona team, the candidate must have an academic degree following the job requested. In addition, there are specific requirements for a part of the vacancies, such as knowledge of the English language. See some of the areas of expertise below:

  • Facility: cleaning and maintenance services
  • Airport: traveller services and airport tasks
  • Urban and Environmental Services: electrical installations, maintenance, problem-solving in heritage and others
  • Energy: emphasis on sustainability and renewable energy
  • Forwarding: intermodal traffic services and customs
  • Healthcare: health services, among other functions.

As mentioned above, there are currently 175 job openings available for you to sign up for. To find the ideal job offer for you, visit the official Acciona website and enter the company’s job portal. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this great team, apply today!

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